What are you feeding your mind everyday?

Like an athlete, a broker or a mechanic, it is important to make sure you make it a daily routine to consume content related to your industry because changes are occurring on a daily basis.

We live in an age where we are inundated with information from sunrise to sunset. Much like a double edged sword, this has its benefits and of course some downsides depending on how you perceive this daily occurrence. 

Much of the information we are exposed to these day serves no constructive purpose and almost always distracts us from what we should focus on. 

Concentrating on information that adds value to your life or business is a strategy worth pursuing as you will stay informed and a step ahead of the competition. 

Business is no longer about supplying a service or a product, one needs to understand the market and create ways in which your market sees value in returning to you for products and services instead of your competition. 

For example, if you are a carpenter and pay close attention to design trends in countries that your market tends to hold in high regard, you will always be in a position to immediately satisfy the needs of your market when they change.  

Zim Buddy Team

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