Terms of Use


Welcome to Zimbuddy. This is a website that connects Zimbuddy independent contractors with clients for the provision of freelance services in business and admin, marketing, legal and finance, web and programming, multimedia, design and creative, writing and translation, and more

We ask that you take the time to carefully read these terms of service, as your use of our website in whatever way (including without limitation accessing, logging on to or using our services), its information and services means that you fully agree to being legally bound by the terms hereafter explained, and our privacy policy, incorporated herein by reference.

You will hitherto be bound by the terms as set out, and you must immediately exit the website if you are not in total agreement with these provisions.

We have the exclusive right to at any time adjust, modify, add to or delete from these terms of use without prior notice to users. We therefore ask that you occasionally check back on this page for changes to these terms of use. Your use of the Zimbuddy website after any modification represents and shall be deemed as your acceptance of the changes.


This website is provided exclusively for the use of persons who have reached the legal age of 18 and are able to form a legally binding contract. If you are not 18, you must at least be up to the legal age of reasoning and be able to form a legally binding contract, as determined by your jurisdiction, in order to qualify to use our services. While this website is operated from the United States of America these terms of use are construed under the basic cyber laws of African nations, our services are open to international users, provided that they comply with all local applicable laws regarding internet usage. We grant all eligible users a limited, revocable, nonexclusive, non-assignable, and non-sub licensable license to use Zimbuddy in compliance with these terms.

  2. To provide and deliver the service that you request.
  3. You/your: Used interchangeably, this shall mean a user of the website, whether a freelancer or a client/buyer.
  4. Client/buyer: This shall mean an individual or company who is desirous of securing the services of a freelancer through Zimbuddy.
  5. Freelancer: This means a person who offers his/her services through Zimbuddy.Job offer/Services: This shall include all professional services provided by a freelancer. These shall include all types of freelancing assignments such as but not limited to business and admin, marketing, legal and finance, web and programming, multimedia, design and creative, writing and translation etc.
  6. Job request: This is the formal agreement that shall exist between a client and a freelancer after a purchase has been made from the freelancer’s page, posted by a buyer.
  7. Proceeds: This is the money freelancers earn from completed job requests.

All materials available and provided through this website (without limitation including all data, text, sounds, graphics, articles, representations, reports, or any other information or software programs) are either copyrighted and trademarked by or licensed to Zimbuddy.

All of these materials are fully and duly protected by country specific intellectual property laws as well all other relevant laws. All rights fully reserved.

You may not remove any trademark, copyright, or other proprietary notices from the website and content in your use of the website.

Except you have our prior written permission, you may not modify the website’s content; remove or modify any copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right notices placed in the website content; and/or engage in any modification, republication, reproduction, redistribution, posting, uploading, transmitting, distributing or any misuse of the services and the website content (whether in part or in full).

Any presentations or print outs of the Zimbuddy website content must be stamped © Zimbuddy, 2022. All rights reserved.

No right, interest or title in or to the services or the website content is to be deemed transferred to you by your use of our website, and all rights not specifically granted are reserved by Zimbuddy.

Any use of the services not expressly permitted by these terms is a breach of this agreement and shall be deemed to have violated copyright, trademark and other laws.

If you are found to be in the violation any of the above mentioned conditions concerning our copyright, we will immediately withdraw the license granted you to use the website and our services. We may also file a criminal and/or civil case against you in such an event.


So as to be able to gain access to and use specific sections of our website, we will ask you to complete an online registration process, which will require you to supply personal information like your name, contact details, and bank/credit card information.

You hereby confirm that all information you provide to Zimbuddy, both during the registration process and in your subsequent use of the website, are honest, complete and accurate. We may terminate your account and/or refuse your use of our services if any information you provide is discovered to be false, incorrect or deliberately misleading.

It is your sole duty to maintain the security of your log in details including your username and password, and you will be held liable for any unauthorized use of your account or password. Please note that you are allowed to have and operate only one Zimbuddy account, except otherwise permitted by us in writing.


As a user, you are not to abuse any part of the Zimbuddy website for illegal purposes including but not limited to the propagation of unlawful, harassing, hostile, defamatory, harmful, offensive, or otherwise obnoxious material.

  1. You may not utilize or try to use any software, device, or process to interfere with the proper working of Zimbuddy.com, or violate or attempt to violate its security.
  2. You may not under any circumstances meddle with any other user’s use of the website; or use the website to spread content that emboldens criminal acts, or otherwise violates any relevant laws or regulations
  3. You are not to make, transfer or store electronic duplicates of any material protected by copyright without Zimbuddy written consent.
  4. You may not use the website to exchange any adult oriented or pornographic materials; or to bully and/or harass other users.
  5. We expressly prohibit any attempt to publish or send malicious content with the intention of compromising another user’s account. You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information.
  6. You may not infringe on the copyright or trademark of third parties.
  7. Users are limited to only one active account, and we will promptly bar users’ access to multiple accounts.
  8. You also may not sell or buy Zimbuddy accounts.
  9. You must not use or endeavor to use any software, procedure or device to interfere with the correct working of the website.
  10. You may not use the Zimbuddy website to distribute content that encourages or inspires racist and/or criminal offenses.
  11. You must not circumvent, or endeavor to evade any security measures available on the website; and/or send any junk e-mail to other Zimbuddy users.
  12. You are not to use our website to transmit, duplicate, store, or send materials and content containing spyware, computer viruses, or other malevolent computer software.
  13. You are not to use our services to offer any products or services that are illegal.
  14. Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any information or data available on the Zimbuddy website or to any of the networks that we use in providing the service.
  15. You may not use our services to violate any of our policies, rules, or guidelines, or violate any applicable law or regulation in your use of the website.
  16. You may not act in a manner that imposes an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure, or on our third-party providers.
  17. You are prohibited from transmitting, emailing or posting to any other user any picture, information or other material, which in the rational opinion of Zimbuddy is sexually explicit, racist, abusive, threatening, obscene or libelous, sexually suggestive; and/or transmit, post or email to any other user any representations, information or other material, which in our opinion has the capability to offend other users’ political or religious beliefs.
  18. Do not reverse engineer any aspect of the website in an effort to access source codes, underlying ideas, or algorithms.
  19. You must not use any kind of software or device to “crawl” or “spider” any part of the website.
  20. If we find you to be in violation of any or all of the provisions of these terms, we will hold solely accountable for all legal costs and losses arising out of your violation. Zimbuddy may also terminate your use of the website without any prior warning if you breach any of these terms.

To be able to do business (whether as a client or as a freelancer) on Zimbuddy, you must first register as a Zimbuddy user. Visitors are not allowed to do business on the website.

The base starting price of provided services on the website is $5. Freelancers however have the power and the choice (at their discretion) of offering their services at more than $5.

To create a job request, clients are required to pay in advance. Such job requests can be created by clicking on the job request button found on the freelancer’s personal page.

Freelancers have an obligation to fulfill clients’ job requests, and cannot cancel job requests indiscriminately or without cause. Canceling job requests repeatedly will adversely affect freelancers’ reputation, status and their ability to secure future job requests.

Zimbuddy users are strictly prohibited from offering or receiving payments using other methods or through other means different from placing a job request on the website.

All rights to delivered job requests are transferred to the client, except otherwise specified by the freelancer on their Zimbuddy page.

Zimbuddy reserves the right to use all published delivered works on the website for its marketing and promotion purposes.


Once registered, freelancers have the power to job offers/services on the website that allows them to advertise their services and allows clients to purchase such services.

  1. We will notify you by email and through SMS notification when a client places a new job request your subscribed category.
  2. A freelancer must deliver proof of work or completed files using the Deliver job button available on the Job page in harmony with the service that was purchased and advertised on his/her page. A job request is deemed complete after the job request is marked as delivered and then rated by the purchasing client.
  3. It is our policy to automatically mark a job request as complete if not rated by client and if no revision request is made three days after such a job request is marked as delivered.
  4. Should a job request be cancelled for any reason at any time before it is deemed complete, the funds paid by client will be refunded to the client account balance.
  5. Freelancers must meet the delivery time specified, as failure to do so give the client the right to cancel due to lateness. Several job requests marked late may affect the freelancer’s status and ability to get future work.
  6. A freelancer can choose to cancel a job request without the client’s consent, and without any explanation. This will however have a negative effect on the freelancer’s status.
  7. Both freelancers and clients are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. We will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur due to website usage, use of content or files transferred.
  8. Clients may ask for a revision by clicking on the “Request Revision” button located on the Job request page, if the delivered materials are not consistent with the freelancer’s description on their Freely page or do not match the client’s requirements at the beginning of the job request process.
  9. While the base starting price of services offered on the website is $5, freelancers may however offer their services at more than $5 at their discretion.
  10. This website operates on a commission basis. For each job request that you successfully complete, we will credit your account with a net of 80% and 20% will be used to facilitate the website.
  11. Freelancers can only withdraw their proceeds by requesting that we transfer such funds into their verified account.
  12. Proceeds earned will only become available for withdrawal after a safety clearance period of 7 days after a job request is marked as complete. You understand that you can only make withdrawals in the amount available to you.
  13. Once you begin a withdrawal process, the process is final and cannot be undone.