What you can expect from Zimbuddy

A relevant playing field and audience, opportunities to grow your ideas and connect with the right people.

As a platform created to encourage constructive interaction and development of African ideas, we aim to provide all members with a safe place to test ideas, develop their businesses and connect with instrumental people. 

However, all this will need to be earned. Zimbo263 is set on ending the destructive cycle of merely handing over things to people as this kills creativity, ambition and growth. If one earns something, that person is more likely to nurture it with the aim to grow it into something of more value. 

In line with this, Zimbuddy has put in place features that will help every member and they are as follows:


1. Points

Anything you do here earns you points which you can use to buy products and services or even convert to ad credits. Here are some of the ways:

- Posting content
- Liking posts
- Commenting
- Inviting friends
- Blogging

On Zimbuddy you are rewarded for interacting with the community. 

2. Blogging

Every member has the freedom to blog. Blogging allows you to express your thoughts, opinions and promote yourself or your business. When people search the internet for information on what you have blogged about, they might come across your content and if they find your information helpful they may attempt to contact you.

For example, if you are a person who sees solar services as a big untapped industry in Zimbabwe, you could write about this. Our platform will ensure your content is highly visible on Google and Bing to people looking for projects in Zimbabwe. The more you blog, the more your chances of connecting with likeminded people. 

Blogging played a part in this African guy getting discovered. He has made algorithms for Instagram, Snapchat, Uber and more. He also believes the next tech leaders will come from Africa, because they are exposed to problems they will need to solve. 

3. Market Place

Here you can post your goods and services that are for sale. The platform is location specific so you get to filter the ads based on your preferred location. You can use your accumulated points to boost your ads instead of actually spending cash.

4. Reputation

As you post content, interact with others and buy/sell, your profile will accumulate points. These points also relate to your reputation and ranking. A seller with more points and higher ranking will look more credible to potential customers and they are likely to prefer dealing with him/her instead of members with lower or no reputation.


5. E-learning platform

All members get access to our e-learning platform. It has as large collection of handpicked courses that can be studied on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. These courses are designed to equip our members with skills they can use to generate income. All coureses are completely free, courtesy of Zimbo263.



Zim Buddy Team

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