A Quick Course on MS Word For Free

Learning to use MS Word equips you with the basic skills you need to be a virtual assistant.

Below are 22 easy to understand short clips of how MS Word works and its many uses. Learn new skills or polish your knowledge with this updated set of tutorials. 

Do you know that you can advertise your MS Word skills on 54nations like this? Get hired as a virtual assistant to do small MS Word tasks by small businesses around the word.  


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1. Introduction to MS Word



2. File Menu




3. File Menu MS Word Part 2




4. Home Menu Part 2 Styles of MS Word




5. Home Menu Part 2 Styles of MS Word




6. Insert Menu - MS Word




7. Insert Menu Part 2 - MS Word




8. Design Menu - MS Word




9. Layout Menu - MS Word




10. References Menu




11. References Menu - Table of Contents - MS Word




12. Mailings Menu - MS Word




13. Review Menu Part 1 - MS Word




14. Review Menu Part 2 - MS Word




15. Review Menu Resume Assistant - MS Word




16. View Menu - MS Word




17. Basic Document Creation Part 1 MS Word




18. Basic Document Creation Part 2




19. File Type Saving - MS Word




20. Conclusion





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