How to start an online business without money in Zimbabwe

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Like many things in life, starting a business without money or very little capital is very possible.  However, this does not mean that you can just dream up an idea then start an online business from out of the blue.  I will go into further detail and show you how you can have a business online without money. All the suggestions below require a bit of work, so if you are expecting to start a business in one minute then you should probably stop here.


Without money or very little of it you can always rely on the relationships you have with people, whether they are platonic relationships or simply people in your network.


Large businesses spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising campaigns to primarily achieve one main thing, to win the trust of their target market. If people trust and see you as a reliable person they are more willing to do business with you provided what you are offering is of value to them.


Let’s start with a simple example, gardening. If you have access to skilled gardeners and landscapers as well as a market in need of these services, you can set up an online business website or a business page for free. Next you will need high definition photos of the work your gardening service can do, a description of the services you offer and a way to contact you. This will not cost you a cent as the gardener is paid after your client has paid you. You can then have people subscribe to this service weekly or fortnightly and that means regular income for your business.


Another example is one where you approach small car rental businesses. A lot of these don’t really have websites so if you setup your car referral service as an online business, you can simply agree on a commission rate then advertise their cars as yours on your online profile/page website. This method allows you to have an unlimited number of car rental providers so you will almost always have a car ready for any potential clients. Again, here you will have no overheads as the cars and drivers are not under your employment. Payments are made to you then you pay the respective car rental provider. Advertising your business among friends, your network and on free classifieds websites means it won’t cost you at all to run it.


A popular option is to create a business profile page then add content and your affiliate code from an affiliate program so yourbusiness profile promotes the products or services of the affiliate program. This means no inventory, no setup or running costs and no communication with clients as their purchases are automatically handled by the affiliate service. For any purchases made, a commission is paid into your own affiliate account. You can get my free e-book about this from my digital library by visiting our store. It shows you how to setup such an online business.  There are many more examples of how you can start an online business that I would love to share with you.


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