Working With Zimbuddy As an Affiliate Marketer

Our affiliate marketing program allows you to get paid for every Zimbabwean user who signs up on Zimbuddy using your referral link.

As Zimbuddy continues to grow, we continually introduce new methods of ensuring our marketing budget goes directly to entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe instead of the giants like Facebook and Google. 


Affiliate marketing on Zimbuddy is one of our most popular and lucrative opportunities among those looking for a side hustle to supplement their income. In this article we address some of the most common questions.


What is Zimbuddy affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing with Zimbuddy is a relationship that entitles you to a payment each time someone signs up through your referral link. It is completely free for anyone to join. 


How do I earn money from Affiliate marketing?


When you sign up to Zimbuddy, you are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. To access your affiliate profile, simply visit this link: This will take you to your affiliate dashboard where you will find your affiliate link and statistics. Remember, you only get paid for users who sign up using your affiliate link, this is the only way our system can identify your referrals.


How do I market Zimbuddy?


It is important that you never forget to include your affiliate/referral link which you can find here: 

The following are messages that we often use along with a referral link:

a) I would like to invite you to join It is a community where entrepreneurs network and promote their businesses

b) Join to promote your business to other professionals in and outside Zimbabwe

c) Advertise your business on A networking website for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans.


How do I get paid? 


We pay via PayPal, econet airtime and Bitcoin. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, you may read about cryptocurrency and open a wallet on our recommended exchanges, click here to view the PDF.


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