How to generate and sustain business in Zimbabwe

A marketing strategy I realized over 20 years ago that still works today.

For the last few weeks I have been working with my team on setting up lead funnels across various industries in #southafrica. We are using a strategy that I have been using for well over 20 years, without fail.

My favourite analogies when explaining this process are clay pigeon shooting and plain old courtship! Yes, a rather strange pair all things considered.

When clay pigeon shooting, you do not shoot at the object. Instead you aim for where it is going. When courting (for long term) you focus on what your prospect wants tomorrow (stability, a happy family etc) not what is wanted that very instant.

We used this strategy in the 1st quarter of 2020, when lockdowns were beginning to sprout worldwide. We knew baby products,  services as well as those targeted at the elderly would be much sought after. Since December 2020 those lead funnels have been bringing in very valuable leads.

It’s important to casually get feedback after purchases, this gives you the pulse of your methods. Reach out to clients and ask how useful the product or service was. Doing this helps you improve areas that need attention before they elicit angry complaints.

What are your lead generation strategies?

Zim Buddy Team

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