How to Register a Company in Zimbabwe

A comprehensive guide on how to register a business in Zimbabwe

Embarking on the journey of starting a business in Zimbabwe is an exciting endeavor filled with promise and opportunity. However, navigating the process of business registration can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps of how to register a business in Zimbabwe, empowering you to take the first bold step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.



Step 1: Choose Your Business Name Selecting the perfect name for your business is the first crucial step. You can submit up to 5 names of choice for your business, arranged in order of preference. Think of it as choosing the title for a new chapter in your entrepreneurial story – make it memorable, reflective of your brand identity, and aligned with your business objectives.



Step 2: Provide Shareholder Information Transparency is key when it comes to providing shareholder information. Furnish the full particulars of the shareholders, including their names and addresses. Remember, these details will form part of the official records of your business, so accuracy is paramount.



Step 3: Define Your Business Objectives What does your business aim to achieve? Define the main objectives of your venture, outlining the products or services it will focus on. This information will be encapsulated in your Memorandum Articles of Association – the blueprint that shapes the foundation of your business.



Step 4: Submit Company Address Details Your business needs a physical and postal address from which it will operate. Ensure that these addresses are valid and accurately represented in your registration documents. Think of them as the coordinates that will guide your business's journey forward.



Step 5: Provide Director and Company Secretary Information Identify the individuals who will steer the ship of your business – the directors and company secretary. One of the directors must be a Zimbabwean, and shareholders can also serve as directors. Remember, the company secretary must meet specific eligibility criteria to fulfill their role effectively.



Once you've gathered all the necessary information, you're ready to embark on the registration process. Here's a roadmap to guide you along the way:


  1. Visit Navigate to the official website of the Companies Registry in Zimbabwe. Here, you'll initiate the registration process by registering yourself using your ID number as your username. Submit your preferred business names for the name search process.

  2. Make Your Payment Complete the payment process online, or alternatively, collect a CV4 form from the Companies Registry offices. This form confirms the reservation or rejection of your chosen business name.

  3. Prepare Your Documents Gather the required documents, including the Memorandum Articles of Association, CR5 form (containing company address details), and CR6 form (containing director and company secretary information). These documents serve as the building blocks of your business's legal framework.

  4. Submit Your Documents Submit your meticulously prepared documents to the Companies Registry office for review. Upon approval, you'll be issued a Certificate of Incorporation – the official stamp of recognition for your registered business.


Congratulations! With your Certificate of Incorporation in hand, your business is now officially registered and ready to embark on its journey of growth and success. Remember, while the registration process may seem daunting, it's a critical milestone on the path to entrepreneurship.


At Zimbuddy, we understand that every step of the entrepreneurial journey comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. If you require additional guidance or support beyond the scope of this guide, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to provide the assistance you need to thrive in Zimbabwe's vibrant business ecosystem.



Registering your business is just the beginning. With determination, resilience, and the right support network, you have the power to turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality. Embrace the journey, and let Zimbuddy be your trusted companion every step of the way.

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